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Cloudnloud Pvt Ltd have prepared CS6712 / IT6713 – Grid & Cloud Computing Lab Manual with Step by Step Clear Solution. If you are in need of Solution for CS6712 / IT6713 Lab Manual please contact us.



The student should be made to:
 Be exposed to tool kits for grid and cloud environment.
 Be familiar with developing web services/Applications in grid framework
 Learn to run virtual machines of different configuration.
 Learn to use Hadoop



Use Globus Toolkit or equivalent and do the following:
1. Develop a new Web Service for Calculator.
2. Develop new OGSA-compliant Web Service.
3. Using Apache Axis develop a Grid Service.
4. Develop applications using Java or C/C++ Grid APIs
5. Develop secured applications using basic security mechanisms available in Globus Toolkit.
6. Develop a Grid portal, where user can submit a job and get the result. Implement it with and without GRAM concept.


Use Eucalyptus or Open Nebula or equivalent to set up the cloud and demonstrate:
1. Find procedure to run the virtual machine of different configuration. Check how many virtual machines can be utilized at particular time.
2. Find procedure to attach virtual block to the virtual machine and check whether it holds the data even after the release of the virtual machine.
3. Install a C compiler in the virtual machine and execute a sample program.
4. Show the virtual machine migration based on the certain condition from one node to the other.
5. Find procedure to install storage controller and interact with it.

6. Find procedure to set up the one node Hadoop cluster.
7. Mount the one node Hadoop cluster using FUSE.
8. Write a program to use the API’s of Hadoop to interact with it.
9. Write a wordcount program to demonstrate the use of Map and Reduce tasks

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