AWS Interview Q&A Series ---Episode -5

AWS Interview Q&A Series ---Episode -5

1.What features does the Amazon Ec2 service provide?

As the Amazon EC2 service is a cloud service, it has full cloud functionality.

Amazon EC2 delivers the following functionality: Virtual computer environment (called instances)Preconfigured patterns for your instances (known as Amazon Machine Images – AMIs)Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) is a full pack you need for your server (including the operating system and additional software)Amazon EC2 supplies various configurations of CPU, memory, storage and network capacity for your instances (called instance type)Secure credentials for your instances using key pairs (AWS stores the public key and you can store the private key in a secure location).

Temporary data storage volumes get deleted when you stop or end your instance (called instance storage volumes)Amazon EC2 delivers permanent storage volumes (through Amazon Elastic Block Store – EBS)A firewall that allows you to specify protocols, ports, and source IP ranges which can reach your instances using security groups.Static IP addresses for dynamic cloud computing (called elasticated IP addresses)Amazon EC2 provides meta-data (called labels). Amazon EC2 provides virtual networks that area unit logically isolated from the remainder of the AWS cloud, which you'll optionally (Salesforce Certification Training) connect with your own network (known as virtual personal clouds – VPCs).

2. What are some safety best practices for Amazon Ec2?

Use AWS Identity and Access Management to control access to AWS materials.Limit access by authorizing only trusted hosts or networks to access the ports of your instance.Review the rules of your security groups at regular intervals.Only unlock the permissions you need.Turn off the password connection, for example, started from your AMI Complete Amazon Web Services Tutorials.

3. Describe storage for Amazon Ec2 Instance?

Amazon EC2 offers a wide range of data storage options for your instances. Every option has its own unique combination of performance and sustainability. These storages can be used independently or combined to meet your needs.

4. How to stop, start and end an Amazon Ec2 instance?

Stopping and starting an instance: When an instance is stopped, the instance performs a normal stop and then moves into a stop state. All its Amazon EBS volumes stay attached, and you can retry the instance later. You are not billed for overtime while the proceeding is in a stop condition.

Terminating Associate in Nursing instance: once the Associate in Nursing instance is terminated, the instance performs a traditional closedown, then the hooked up Amazon EbS volumes area unit deleted unless the volume’s delete On Termination attribute is about to false.

5.Which are the regions and zones of availability in Amazon Ec2? Explain In Brief ?

Amazon EC2 is hosted in many places all over the world. Those locations include regions and areas of availability. Each region is its own distinct geographic region. Each region consists of several remote locations called Availability Zones. Every region has complete independence. Each availability area is isolated, but the availability areas of a region are connected by low latency links.

6. How do I start an Ec2 instance in an availability zone?

Each region is fully self-contained and each Availability Zone is isolated. When you check your resources, you will only see the resources related to the region you mentioned.

To launch a EC2 instance, you need to choose associate degree AMI that’s within the same region (if the AMI is in another region then you'll be able to copy the AMI to the region you're using). currently choose a zone of convenience or enable the AWS to settle on. Once you have created the EC2 instance, it will appear in the selected availability area.

7. What does Amazon Ec2 Root Device volume mean?

When you launch an instance, the root device volume contains the frame used to start the instance.

8. Explain Security Group In Amazon Ec2 ?

Security groups serve as firewalls for associated instances, controlling incoming and outgoing traffic at the instance level.

9. What is the security group's functionality for Amazon Ec2?

We can add rules to a security group that allow us to log in to our instance from our IP address through SSH. We can also include rules that allow HTTP and HTTPS access in and out from anywhere.

10. How to Launch An Amazon Ec2 Instance ?

We may run the Amazon EC2 Linux/Windows instance using the AWS Management Console. The following steps allow the creation of an Amazon EC2 instance: Switch on the Amazon EC2 console. In the console dashboard, select Start Instance.Select the Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Select one instance type.Click Review and Start to allow the wizard to finish the other setup. From the review instance start page, under Security groups, select a security group.Select Launch under Review Instance Launch.Select an existing key pair when it invites you to locate it. Select View Instance to return to the console and see that the instance is launched.

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