Episode -2   ---AWS Interview Q&A Series !!!

Episode -2 ---AWS Interview Q&A Series !!!

1. What are Cloud-enabling Technologies?

Many technology areas contribute to modern cloud-based platforms are cloud-based technologies. Cloud technologies such as: Broadband networks as well as Internet architecture. Information center technology. Virtualization technology (advanced). Web Technology Multitenant Technology Service Technology

2. What do you know about microservices?

Microservices is an application development process that consists of code separate from each other and the underlying development platform. Once created, each microservice performs a single process and communicates using well-defined and standardized APIs.These services are defined as a catalog so that developers can easily find the right service and understand the governance rules for use.

Code changes are smaller and fewer advanced than with a posh integrated application, creating it easier and quicker to form changes, whether or not to mend a tangle or to upgrade service with new necessities.

3.Why are microservices relevant to a true cloud environment?

Why microservices are so important to a real cloud environment is because of these four key advantages: Every micro-service is built to serve a specific and limited purpose, and thus application development is streamlined. Small Development teams can then concentrate on writing code for certain functions that are tightly defined and easy to understand. Code changes will be smaller and less complex than with a complex integrated application, making it easier and faster to make changes, whether to fix a problem or to upgrade service with new requirements. Scalability — Scalability makes it easier to deploy an additional instance of a service or modify that service based on need.

Micro-services are completely tested and validated. When new applications take advantage of existing microservices, developers can assume the integrity of the new application without having to carry out continuous trials.

4. What is the Cloud Utilisation Monitor?

The Cloud Usage Monitoring Mechanism is a lightweight, standalone software that collects and processes data on the use of IT resources. Cloud usage monitors may exist in different formats depending on the type of usage measures they are designed to collect and the manner in which user data is to be collected. The following points describe three implementations based on common agents. Supervision agent Resource Agent Polling Agent

5. How is the monitoring officer monitoring the use of the cloud?

An intermediary and an event-based program that exists as a service officer and resides along the existing lines of communication are supervisory officers. It provides transparent monitoring and analysis of data flows. Generally, the surveillance officer is used to measure network traffic as well as message measurements.

6. How does the Resource Officer monitor cloud utilization?

A processing module, which is used to gather utilization data by having event-based interactions with the specialized resource software, is a resource agent. This agent is applied to check usage measurements based on predefined and observable events at the resource software level, such as start up, suspension, recovery and vertical scale.

7. How does the poll officer track the use of the cloud?

A processing module that collects data on the use of cloud services by querying IT resources is referred to as a polling officer. The polling officer was also used to monitor the status of IT resources, such as uptime and downtime, in a timely manner. Each of these may be designed to transfer the collected utilization data to a log database for post-processing and reporting purposes.

8. What are Cloud-Indigenous applications?

Cloud native' is a software framework designed with containers, microservices, dynamic orchestration, as well as ongoing software delivery.Each part of the cloud-native application has it's own container and is dynamically orchestrated with other containers to optimize how resources are used.

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