Episode --4------- AWS Interview Q&A Series

1.What do you know about EC2 in Amazon?

Amazon EC2 represents Elastic Compute Cloud which is an interface of web service. It also provides computational capacity that can be resized in the AWS cloud. It is used by developers to have total control of web resources and calculation.


2.Advantages and Disadvantages of EC2?


It has the capability to expand resources for the deployment of your cloud based on demand, it is extremely enjoyable. Cloud hosting has great backup capabilities, so it's easy to switch back to the previous version. Cloud infrastructure interferes with our ability to maintain local hardware resources.


The whole configuration and spin-up process requires thorough technical knowledge. A bit of documentation and support in terms of training is lacking.We have tried to use Lambda expressions in the execution of the program flow and have not found large resources on this topic.

3. What are the EC2 instance types available from the AWS?

1.General-Purpose instances.

2. Compute Optimized instances.

3. Memory Optimized instances.

4. Accelerated Computing instances.

5. Storage Optimized instances

4. What are the EC2 instance markers used for?

EC2 instance tags are used for the following purposes:

It allows you to manage your Amazon EC2 instances, pictures and other resources. It gives you the ability to tag each resource with your own metadata. It allows you to categorize your AWS resources in a variety of ways, by purpose, ownership or environment.

5. What is the purpose of creating instances in AWS?

We should create instances in AWS for getting and configuring capacity with minimal friction.

6. How do I set up an EC2 instance with a domain name?

Open the Route 53console at console.aws.amazon.com/route53.

Under the navigation pane, select Hosted Areas.

Choose the name of the hosted area that corresponds to the name of the domain you wish to carry the traffic.

Select Create New Record.

Specify the routing policy and select to generate record values.

7. How to find EC2 instances executing a particular AMI?

The following steps help to find the EC2 instances executing a certain AMI.

Open the Amazon EC2 console at console.aws.amazon.com/ec2.

In the browser pane, select AMIs.

From the navigation pane, select Snapshots, then select the snapshot (look for the AMI ID in the Description column).

(Optional) If you have finished with an instance that you started from the AMI, finish it.

8. What are key pairs within AWS?

Key pairs are secure connection details for your virtual machines. To connect to instances, you can use pairs of keys that contain a public key as well as a private key.

9.How does AMI understand?

A model for the root volume of the example.

Boot permissions to decide which AWS accounts can take advantage of the AMI to run instances.

A block device mapping determines the volumes to attach to the instance during its launch.

10.AMI Includes?

A model for the source volume of the instance.

Start permissions to decide which AWS accounts can benefit from the AMI to run instances.

A block device mapping that determines the volumes to attach to the instance upon startup.

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