Expensive Cyber Attacks !

Expensive Cyber Attacks !


Cyber Attacks mostly happen for financial gain. Sometimes this attack happens to steal sensitive information like credit card information or personal information of persons which the hackers then use to access money or goods using victim's identity.

Here I listed a few expensive cyber-attacks that happened all over the world.

1.ExPetr / NotPetya Hack in the year 2017 worth $ 10 Billion.

This sophisticated virus swiftly propagated over the entire world outside of the first targeted region of Ukraine by utilizing a number of exploits simultaneously.

The malware was distributed by the hackers using the MeDoc update service. Before paying a $300 Bitcoin ransom, infected machines' owners were locked out of all of their data and unable to access them.

2. Epsilon hack in the year 2011 worth $4 Billion.

Numerous customers, including Best Buy, JPMorgan Chase, and Target, were impacted by the theft of thousands of names and email addresses from email marketing juggernaut Epsilon.

The customer notice, settlement, and compliance expenses for each of those clients were close to $5 million.

Epsilon is consequently out billions of dollars since it must pay for liabilities, lost revenue.

3. Mafiaboy Attack in the year worth $1 Billion.

A DDoS assault was launched in 2000 against well-known websites like Amazon, CNN, eBay, Yahoo!, and Dell by 15-year-old Michael Calce, alias Mafiaboy.

He caused $1 billion in lost income, cybersecurity upgrades, and investigations when he used a collection of university networks to flood the bigger websites with material.


4. Veterans Administration in the year worth $500 Million.

The Veterans Administration committed many cybersecurity errors, including failing to encrypt its data, which allowed 26.5 million veterans, active-duty service members, and their families' medical records to be physically stolen.

5. Hannaford Bros in the year 2007 worth $252 Million.

A significant security breach occurred at the East Coast supermarket Hannaford Bros in 2007 as a result of malware spreading from their core systems to all 300 of their stores.

The company lost millions of dollars as a result of the cybercriminals getting access to 4.2 million debit and credit card details.

6. Sony PlayStation in the year 2011 worth $171 Million.

Over 100 million online accounts' data were compromised when hackers entered into Sony's digital network, forcing the PlayStation Online service to be temporarily suspended.

Insurance against identity theft, security upgrades, customer service, and investigations were all affected by the incident.

Additionally, Sony Corporation lost billions in sales and worth as a result of this enormous damage to their reputation.

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