# How meetup's changed my thoughts

# How meetup's changed my thoughts

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sreekanth kurapati
·Jul 28, 2022·

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As like middleclass mentality after completion of studies first thought come to our mind need to get a job on software and start to earn . We are not aware what kind of job you are doing and how its useful on your carrier .Our thoughts need a job . Once you got a job , We have only few things in our mind what ever manager assign to you need to complete and get the good impression from manager to get the good hike on year end . In the span of entire year you can see lot of ups and downs. How many appreciation mails you got what kind of slave work you done its not consider if manager pointing out simple mistake ( common word you are not filling the timesheet on time :) ) . Through this process you never think about your carrier growth. So end of year manager given some little amount on his packet _2016_03_small-shrinking-currency-dollar-in-inflation-on-white-background-picture-id174672992.jpg then you start of think how to change the job with good package . Then real picture come to visual like what I know , What market expecting from you.

Every locker will create with key but if you dont know how to use the key then locker also useless 1850ed8c-d79b-4d64-80af-9b815e9678fb.jpg same thing will applicable in our IT carrier . If you are not aware what you are doing and how its benefit for your carrier growth then what ever you done then its not worth end of a day. In this type of situation we expecting good mentor to build your carrier thats how i met vijay back to four years. He suggested many things and given good roadmap to recreate carrier . But as default human laziness delayed another year and another appraisal but same result :) . This time vijay suggested instead of roadmap advise to meet people in the meetups.

While connecting different people and sharing their experience how they started the carrier how they are grownup , what kind of struggle they faced and how they overcome on bad situations such a motivation speeches will give a confident to restart where you left and more over all these things they will talk of technologies changes and future market . Even you are working same platform may be you are not aware latest changes and new innovation to make your job much easier .


On internet world we have so many resource available to learn new thing . When ever you try new technology / change technology most of members include me think if you done certificate on that technology will give sufficient knowledge to swift over . But real factor , yes may be you will got some knowledge on theoretical but you need practical knowledge to survive on real word.


While same question asked in meetup , you cant believe how many options they showed us to get practical experience in your roadmap . Each meetup with build your confidence level much stronger on your dream to achieve. So don't miss any opportunity . More over you will get carrier coaches and reference and learn how smart work need to replaced .Thank you so much vijay for conducting such nice meetup . I know how much hard work /pain need to organize such non-profit meetup .

"When you take risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed, and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important." ― Ellen DeGeneres

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