IT Infrastructure Episode 3

IT Infrastructure Episode 3

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If we say IT infrastructure the first thing which comes in mind is Data center. Data center : Is a physical space where servers and network devices are located. This space requires access control, cooling, redundant power supplies, redundant network etc. Data Centers usually have devices which are organized in racks and the datacenters vary in size

Data center.png Data center Tiers Tier 1 : This is basic Data center which is less critical and a Standalone type Tier 2 : This type has redundant components, Primarily Dev related components Tier 3: This type has concurrently maintainable infrastructure, Primarily DR related components Tier 4 : This type has most critical Fault tolerant infrastructure, High availability site and Primarily PROD related components

It becomes crucial to manage the data center infrastructure to ensure smooth running of any business . A good DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) architecture has the flexibility to adapt to business (user) needs, make it easier to get the job done, and have the right components needed to solve real-world data center problems. It can be integrated by leveraging existing data (CMDB, BMS, etc.), service desk, help desk, ticket system, reporting system and other tools. DCIM has many benefits,to understand this its imperative that we need to first consider the primary components by breaking them down into tasks. The image below lists few of them.


Before we consider which DCIM software to use, we should ensure that it integrates the various components and provides the link between each other. The benefits of these softwares are

  • save energy and costs
  • mitigate risk
  • increase service availability
  • enable rapid troubleshooting
  • find opportunities to provide capacity planning and asset management.

Below are the advantages and deltas of DCIM

  • Helps you better understand database performance
  • Simplify resource management by distinguishing between product parts that need to be focused and good performance parts.
  • Businesses can address problems and bottlenecks early and improve the quality of your business
  • Upgrade and optimization processes could be streamlined. On the contrary
  • Designed focusing on large organizations
  • Implementation and management is expensive
  • Integration and management requires professional assistance

The Digital journal has published the recent trends for DCIM software- link provided below :

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