Well spent weekend @ AWS Reinvent 2022 Recap

Well spent weekend @ AWS Reinvent 2022 Recap

Well after months of deep slumber, away from social media networks, I had to return to Pune and adapt to hybrid working.

I was browsing through meetup.com and was intrigued by one event from AWS user group Pune. It is AWS Reinvent 2022 -Recap on 21st Jan. Having missed the actual event in December 2022, I felt this is an opportunity to get a sneak peek into what else AWS has to introduce to us. I immediately RSVPd and here is how it went!!

EPAM Systems Pune hosted the event with 200+ participants and organized it very well. I could meet and share a conversation with Sr. Solutions architect Mayur Bhagia and AWS community builders and professionals from the city.

Dheeraj Chaudhary kickstarted the session with the AWS application composer which is still in preview. this service is a visual builder and makes it easier to design a serverless application architecture with options like dragging, grouping and connecting various AWS services. It is like a Canvas where you can drag and drop, group and configure various AWS services.

Then came a question why did AWS introduce application composer when AWS cloud formation is already in place?

AWS cloud formation is difficult and complex for beginners to use. Hence AWS introduced the service to simplify IaaS. An attempt towards ‘No-Code’ IaaS.

Amazon Code Whisperer(in preview):

This is gonna be a developer's best friend. This service recommends inbuilt functions and gives suggestions based on a developer's style of coding for which AWS uses AI ML in the backend. It supports Java, Python,JavaScript,C# and Typescript. This service is now available in VScode,Cloud9,Jetbrains. One needs to install the AWS toolkit and integrate with AWS IAM identity centre and log in to be able to use this feature

Then, Mayur Bhagia introduced us to many other services from AWS.

Amazon ECS Service Connect(GA) can simplify the Service Discovery, Connectivity and traffic observability for ECS. This service is in General Availability now and can be used in Prod applications

Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments (GA): This feature lets us make DB-related changes like upgrades, modifying parameters or schema in the staging environments without impacting the Production and then cut over the staging environment into Production with minimal downtime(usually less than 60s).

Mayur elaborately discussed AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Automated Failback(GA), AWS Cloudwatch Internet monitor(Preview), Amazon Cloudwatch Logs Data Protection(GA), S3 Multi-Region Access points Failover Controls(GA), Amazon Route 53 ARC-Zonal Shift(Preview).

He had explained in detail

  • The difference between Blue/green deployment and Canary deployment and

  • How an on-prem application/ data is migrated onto the cloud.

  • Difference between snapshot and AMI

  • Difference between Cloudwatch and Cloud Trail

  • HAR- HTTP ARchive format,

  • RUM : Real User Monitoring (Lol..I knew only one RUM.. good to know another meaning to it :P)

  • Synthetics monitoring

Somesh Srivastava, spoke on networking related topics like Amazon VPC Lattice(Preview) and AWS Verified Access( Preview)

AWS VPC lattice is not a new service altogether. It is a construct within VPC servie. This is integrated with IAM. He had given a demo on how to make use this service

Somesh also explained how cross-zone loadbalancing works, different use cases and addressed queries from the group.

As the session came to an end, it is quiz time to check how much we have grasped from this event and guess what! I stood second and was given some nice cute goodies...Lol!!!

All in all, it was a great event where you get to interact with professionals, students and IT aspirants. I got some key advice from seniors on my next steps and I advised some freshers and entry-level professionals on their career paths. Sometimes you counsel others, and sometimes you get counseled!! Good either ways!

The sequel to this event, Part 2 would be conducted on 4th Feb. I will keep you all posted about that as well. So follow me on my linkedin . Happy learning until then!! Bub-byee!!

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