Cloud Evolution

Cloud Evolution

The concept of Cloud Computing was there from long time than you think in different approaches. Let’s have a deep dive on evolution of this technology.

Mainframes Era:

When mainframes are available to schools and corporations around 1960. The mainframe’s hardware infrastructure was installed in server rooms. Due to the cost of buying and maintaining mainframes, an organization wouldn’t be able to afford a mainframe for each user. It became practice to allow multiple users to share access to the same data storage layer and CPU power from any station.

Here everything is physical, access/Infra/Network/storage/CPU everything is individual.


Virtualization Era:

          Around 1975 IBM released an operating system known as Virtual Machine that permitted mainframe systems to have multiple virtual systems on a single physical node. This VM operating system is allowing multiple distinct compute environments to host in the same physical environment.

Virtualization brings the technology to next level which helps for the biggest evolutions in communications and computing. Virtualization expanded from OS to Compute/Storage/Network etc which has a huge impact on Infrastructure, and everything got changed after Virtualization come into picture.


Virtualization with Internet:

           As the Internet became more accessible, the next logical step was to take virtualization online. The virtual machines are managed by a software or firmware, which is known as hypervisor.

This Hypervisor can be installed as any other software application in the system and perform the task of virtualization. It acts as a connection between the physical system and virtual machines to ensure the proper access of the hardware resources. With the help of virtualization, hypervisors, and internet many enterprise companies like EMC, DELL, HP, IBM etc. built bigger environments and provided services to customers at storage level/Network level/OS level etc.

Cloud Computing Era:

With the advancements in Internet technology, API, Virtualization, Business process Cloud Computing got bigger visibility. In simple terms we can say Cloud Computing is a combination of API calls and Virtualization over the internet. We can click on require service when ever you want, and we could terminate if it no longer needed.

Cloud Computing is getting required services over the internet and services might be servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics etc.

Types of cloud computing:

Cloud computing is classified in three types.
            i)Public Cloud
            ii)Private Cloud
            iii)Hybrid Cloud


Public Cloud:

   Public clouds are governed by a third-party cloud service provider, which deliver their cloud resources through the Internet and all the services are owned by Cloud provide.

Private Cloud:

    Private cloud is also known as an internal cloud, it is used by organizations to build and manage their own data centers internally or by the third-party vendors in their own network.

Hybrid Cloud:

  Public Cloud+ Private Cloud

It gives Greater flexibility and more deployment options for your data and applications.

Cloud Service Types:

Cloud service types are classified in the following three types.
    1.IaaS- Infra as a service.
    2.Paas-Platform as a service.
    3.Saas-Software/Serverless as a service.

IaaS- Infra as a service:

Here we will get IT infrastructure like server/storage/network/OS from a cloud service provider and it will go on Pay-per use.

Paas-Platform as a service:

Platform as a service provides on-demand environment for developing, delivering, and managing software application. Here we will not worry about underlying infrastructure we will focus more on creating applications.

Saas-Software/Serverless as a service:

    Here Cloud provider manages everything like underlying infrastructure, applications and maintenance (Patching/Upgrade) . User can connect over the internet and can use the services directly based on the subscription.


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