Kubernetes Volume

Kubernetes Volume


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After reading this post you will be understanding the purpose of the volume and the type of volumes in Kubernetes

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Kubernetes Volume

What is volume?

The term volume, as it relates to storage, can refer to a physical volume or logical volume. A physical volume is based on a hard disk or another type of storage device. The volume represents a named area of storage that enables users and applications to access the data on the underlying device. Each storage volume is configured with a specific file system, such as ext3,ext4,xfs, etc.

Why volumes are more important in Kubernetes

Volumes in Kubernetes facilitate data storage that is accessible to Pods. As on-disk files in containers are ephemeral, kubelet will restart the container when a container encounters an error, but all the data within it will be lost. It will also cause issues when sharing data between multiple containers within a Pod. Volumes help solve both the above issues.


When a Pod dies, crashes, or is removed from a Node, the data volume is deleted and lost. so to avoid this type of issue we can map the storage inside the container. in case the pod is crash or dies we can save the data

Types of Kubernetes Volume

  • Persistent Volumes
  • Ephemeral Volumes
  • EmptyDir Volumes
  • Kubernetes hostPath Volumes
  • Kubernetes Volumes ConfigMap

Kubernetes supports several types of volumes.

  • AWS elastic block store (EBS)
  • Azure Disk
  • Azure File
  • GCE Persistent disk
  • GlusterFs
  • Flexvolume
  • FC - Fiber channel storage
  • CSI - Container Storage interface
  • vsphere volume
  • Cephfs -Cephfs Volume
  • Portworx volume
  • NFS
  • Host Path
  • RBD

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