Linux Fundamental Series-1

Linux Fundamental Series-1


Linux Operating system finds it roots from UNIX invented in early 1970’s and was very popular until 1990’s. As UNIX Operating System marched its way high up the ladder and became expensive. Free software foundation, a non-profit organization started a movement to be able to provide software free. GNU project is one of the initiatives of FSF and the mission of GNU was to provide free tools/utilities for UNIX. Linus Torvalds in the year 1992, added the Linux Kernel to GNU and that made GNU complete to become an operating system.

Linux Distribution (Linux Distro) is an operating system compiled from components developed by open source projects and programmers. Linux Kernel, the GNU Shell utilities (terminal interface and commands), the X server (for a graphical desktop), the desktop environment, a package management system, an installer are few of the basic components. Linux being Open source provides flexibility for anyone to compile the source code and amend packages making it a distribution. Though the choice of usage is based on the purpose of the user/business needs. REDHAT Linux is most widely used Enterprise Linux system and is licensed by REDHAT (An IBM SUBSIDIARY).


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