Software Defined Networking Technical Series 1

Software Defined Networking Technical Series 1

SDN Technical Post

Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables directly programmable network control for applications and network services. Software defined network architecture decouples network control and forwarding functions from physical hardware such as routers and switches to create a more manageable and dynamic network infrastructure.

SDN architecture includes the following:

SDN Application — Communicates network resources and network devices to the SDN controller through the northbound interface (NBI).

SDN Controller — Translates the requirements from the SDN application layer to the SDN data paths. It also provides the SDN applications with a central repository of network policies, a view of the networks and network traffic.

SDN Data path — Implements switches that move data packets on a network.

SDN API — Application program interfaces (APIs) provide both open and proprietary communication between the SDN Controller and the routers of the network.


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