Who are 'they' and What did 'they' do to me?!!

Who are 'they' and What did 'they' do to me?!!

if(they = encouragingYou) && (they = rare == true) then 

    they = precious = urMentor

    you = lucky 

    print(“Make most use of the guidance you receive and pay back to the society”)

It was in 2nd year of my graduation, I had to write a piece of code and got stuck in between. I tried searching online for help and landed in some website there were many coders available to resolve this issue at a price. they quoted some 250 dollars. I could not afford. I said my professor Venkata Appaji Vinjanampati sir would help me at no cost. Apart from technology I learnt from him to help the needy, serving and educating the less privileged kids at orphanage on weekends. Dr.Sangram Kishore Lenka and I had hours and days of discussion on various philosophical and psychological aspects at college which opened my mind to different cultures and ideologies. WhatsApp Image 2022-08-08 at 3.00.57 PM.jpeg

My music tutors Mrs Rajyalakshmi and Mrs Kameshwari have pushed me to experiment and explore my vocal capabilities which I thought I never could!

My school teachers had led us by example. They recited stories during the school assembly hour every day. Those stories are so deep that I remember till date! I tried imitating the teachers as a kid and then picked up some personality traits from them. They became a part of my family now. Apologies for the lack of clarity in the pictures. I had to accommodate their entire wisdom into one picture. Uma Devi Sharma mam is missing but played a vital role in grooming me.

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Navneet Setia taught me a lot while I was working as a trainer at GlobalLogic . Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment was his mode of injecting techniques and concepts into the audience!

Each one of us must have encountered such influential characters in the formative years of college or at work.

As a fresher when you were figuring out what on earth is happening in the project, then someone just drops by, says what’s up, howz it going and sits with you for hours.At the end of a very long discussion you have a larger picture as to how things work here. That Someone!

After years of redundant work, your manager prompts you to try out something different and supports you in every step and applauds you as you grow. That Manager!

True mentors can see through you, into you. They realize you have the fuel inside and they just drop a spark into you so that you take off like a missile. They transform your personality and mold it into what you are now. Subconsciously you pick up skills, values and life lessons that become a part of you even without your notice. It’s rare to find mentors who proactively look for candidates to help them get better in their lives and strive for a cause.

Vijayabalan Balakrishnan is one such rare find and Cloudnloud Tech Community is his brainchild.

Ever heard the story of spider or an ant that never gave up? Likewise Vijay, though he fell hard hundreds of times, picked himself up again and has always been available to those who sought help and guidance.

Gearing up everyone with technical skills for a massive growth in their careers and alongside working towards the Greater cause to save as many children as possible from the canines of Cancer is no small dream. Such mentors are very rare and consider yourself lucky if you find one.

fe1ae044-8e6a-4446-96a2-476a6cb5a667.jpg I was aiming to upskill myself and just take up a better job and that’s good enough for me. Then there is a nudge.. ‘Padmini you can do better and more”. I didn’t know what and how. It takes a lot to melt the hard walls of self doubt within us and Vijay did that to me. Without a second thought I can say I found mine!!

It is not just mentor-mentee association and will remain intact for a long time as I am a proud member of this community now. The ground rules have been set to us for being a part of the community.

Try --> Fail --> Fall --> Rise --> Repeat

“Trying is not always a crime” has become a very common cheerleading chant.


Being a community member, I witnessed some transformational, inspirational and intellectual characters. It is not always about technical sessions and meetups. I saw the integrity towards a greater cause and devotion for it. ‘Help each other and achieve the common goal to save the kids’ is the notion of this fraternity. I am very delighted to meet more interesting and inspiring personalities as I grow individually and as a community member as well!

Gratitude is the only word I can say to conclude. Thanks to all my tutors,mentors and managers for shaping me up to what I am now. I shall give back to the society as much as I can.

I have many such stories that added flavor to my personality. I can talk for hours on that Connect with me to hear more :D

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